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We have been facing with another slaughter of Israel that has defined itself as a terrorism government since last night. Israel has persecuted and killed unarmed and civilian Palestinians with the encouragement of many western countries and United States of America as being in the first place.

Trump, the president of the USA, gave merciless Israel a ground to a new massacre of innocent...

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Prof. Dr. Kutbeddin Demirdağ, Rector of Fırat University, visited the departments of Fırat University Hospital and got together with professors.  Rector Demirdağ paid another one of his annual visits to the hospital, heard and discussed the possible solutions for the problems of professors.


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The project named “Machine for Picking and Processing Tea Leaves (ÇAY-MAK)” carried out by graduate students has been placed in the final list of project competition  of Turkish Industry and Business Association called “These Young People Have the Potential!”. Among 4200 applicants from 161 universities in 74 cities in Turkey, “ÇAY-MAK” has made its way in the first 37 projects selected...

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President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was greeted by Prof. Dr. Kutbeddin Demirdağ, Rector of Fırat University, upon his visit to Elazığ.

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Prof. Dr. Erol Asiltürk, Dean of Faculty of Education, stated that the aim of the visit is to establish a training program to meet the needs in terms of communication, child and adolescent psychology, reading and study habits in the education of managers, teachers and other personnel working in this institution.